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Balloon Time

Ages 3+

  • An old favorite with new twists, this game of skill requires teams who aren't afraid to get wet. Teams of up to 6 players will have the opportunity to show off their catching, throwing and team work skills

Bean Bag Toss

Toddlers +

  • This game of skill requires solo or team players to match their throwing arm against the laws of physics in this game which is always sure to please

Egg Relay

Ages 3+

  • This classically messy game is made a little cleaner with plastic eggs (real eggs available upon request) that will challenge players balance skills as they race against gravity


Ages 3+

  • In a game where adults often can't help but show that they "Still Got It", a classic kids' game is made more fun with multiple sticks, moving sticks, sticks to step over and much more

Hoola Hoop Contest

Ages 3+

  • This is the game that really shows who can shake it, in a game that challenges physical prowess, flexibility and stamina in a race to see who can defy the laws of nature the longest.

Potato Sack Races

Ages 4+

  • A real game of skill - children and adults alike will have a hopping good time as they compete against each other in a race to the finish

Parachute Games

Ages 2+

  • A classic game that all kids (and adults) love. Wonder Works pulls out one of it's many parachutes, size depending on group and fun commences. With fun games like Pop-Corn, Dome-Tent, Run-Across and more

Ring Toss

Ages 3+

  • Who knew throwing circles around could be so much fun? Just throw in a few targets and some friendly competition and you have a game that will be hard to stop

The Pudding Game

Ages 4+

  • A deliciously messy good time! Working in teams, the blind folded (scooper) feeds their teammate (who has their hands tied behind their back) and the winners are the team who ate the most pudding

The Duck Pond

Ages 3+

  • A great game of chance, perfect for those hot days of summer. Prizes and fun galore with this classic game. A soaking wet good time for all, with age appropriate prizes available for kids ages 1 to 10

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