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Organic Garden

The Wonder Works Organic Garden has been helping kids grow since 2007.

Originally started in partnership with Seven Generations Ahead, the Wonder Works Organic Garden has grown in size and scope every year since. The garden encompasses everything Wonder Works is about: children, families, learning and the environment. The Wonder Works Organic Garden always has the staples, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans and root vegetables, but each year we introduce less common plants including a variety of herbs, edible flowers and rotate other vegetables like okra, watermelon, sunflowers and many more.

Funded completely through donations and volunteers, each year we raise an increasing amount of money to support this growing attraction. We are already planning for 2016, including making the garden more accessible, and we need help in planning and raising funds. The 2016 Garden Fundraisers are beginning on April 1, please call us at 708.383.4815 for more information on how you can help.

The organic garden helps teach children where food comes from; many children may not know that cucumbers grow on vines, peppers on small bushes and carrots underground. The garden also teaches children how much effort and time goes into growing our food; many children help start the seedlings way back in March or April, but it is not until July when they get to eat their first juicy tomato.

The garden is also a great beginning to a healthy relationship with food. Most children will readily eat vegetables they helped grow or harvest. Children find new favorite vegetables as they explore the garden, requesting them repeatedly at the dinner table after their positive experience.

The garden has been contributing to community growth since its inception and continues to do so. In 2016 we will be donating to the Fraternite Notre Dame Church. You can also have an opportunity to try out our produce by simply stopping by the museum anytime during the growing season (please ask first).

To find out more about the Wonder Works Organic Garden or how you can help, please contact David Hoambrecker or call us at 708.383.4815.