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You Can Change Lives Through Creative Play

Your money, your donation, your choice. We are asking for your help in changing lives through creative play, and we want to give you a choice in where your money goes. $20, $50, $100...everything helps.

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Change lives through creative play, make a donation today.

This year, you choose where your donations go, this year, you can make a real difference in the lives of children. We know you have many options in missions and organizations to support, we hope you help the tens of thousands of children who visit Wonder Works every year. This year you have the choice to donate to three different causes within the museum.

You can now give a little every month! Just click the donate links below, and select the recurring option in PayPal.

The choice is yours, choose to change lives through creative play.

Option 1: Give Children the Gift of Art: Support North Avenue Art Works; the Wonder Works’ Art room. Through carefully designed activities, young visitors express their thoughts and ideas through art, using a plethora of open-ended, expressive materials. This symbolic representation lays the foundation for higher order thinking and abstract reasoning.

Option 2: Keep Make-Believe Play Alive: Support an exhibit upgrade in Farm to Market. A new veterinary clinic and emergency services department will deepen the make believe play children engage in when at Wonder Works. Make believe play has been shown to increase attention span, sequential memory, and self-regulation; all executive functioning skills children are in desperate need of now.

Option 3: Break the Income Barrier: Wonder Works has made a commitment to address the growing achievement gap through a funded admissions program. The achievement gap negatively affects the social, emotional, cognitive and economic welfare of children, families, communities, and the country as a whole. The Funded Admissions program gives regular, free access to Wonder Works for low-income families and schools serving at-risk children.

Please make a donation of $20, $50, $100 or whatever you can, to help us continue to offer opportunities for ALL children.

Thank You