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Calendar of Events

February 2016

Special Events

Chinse Storytime
Thursday, February 18 at 11am
Wonder Works is proud to have Jenny Chen from Paper Lantern Language and Cultural Center out to Wonder Works to present a Chinese Story Time. The story time will start at 11 am, with singing and finish up with a guided art activity. This event is covered by general admission.

Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats in Concert
Sunday, February 21, 4pm

Laura Doherty & The Heartbeats, a family favorite, is live in concert at Wonder Works! Tickets are $8 for members and $11 for non-members. Complete details here.

Parent Workshop
Monday, February 29, 6:30-7:45

Join Wonder Works for a FREE PARENT WORKSHOP, more details here.

Nature and Science at Wonder Works

Nature and Science at Wonder Works is a hands-on science program for young children, created and implemented by Wonder Works’ resident scientist and early learning specialist, Eric Gyllenhaal. Nature and Science at Wonder Works takes place every Friday, from 10am until noon and is covered by General Admission.

February 5: Animals in Winter

How do wild animals survive winter’s cold? Meet live bugs and frogs that usually spend the winter buried deep in the soil, in rotten logs, or under water. Then help plastic and plush bugs, birds, mammals, and reptiles find safe places to spend the winter in the Great Outdoors exhibit. You can also touch real mammal furs and bird feathers and make bird and mammal tracks on the play-dough table.

February 12: Transportation Works

Let gravity do the work as you race toy cars down ramps and through tunnels. Then let spinning wheels propel toy cars through loop-de-loops around a battery-powered raceway. We will also have more wooden trains than usual, plus an O-scale model railway where you can take your turn as engineer. The play-dough table will be set up as a construction site, with diggers, dump trucks, and plastic construction workers. You’ll find more construction vehicles in our pebble-filled pool and in the art-room sandbox.

February 19: Let’s Do Geology

We will have lots of rocks at Wonder Works today, including big rocks to touch, smaller rocks to sort, and tiny rocks to sift from the art-room sandbox. You also can collect coal and iron ore hauled by our O-scale model railway, plus gravel used to support real railroad tracks (including gray limestone, red granite, and pink quartzite). The play-dough table will be set up as a quarry, where diggers and dump trucks excavate rocks and crystals, and wooden trains haul them all away.

February 26: Electric Toys and Magnets

Play with static electricity made with balloons and hair and discover tricks you can play with it. You can also play with toys powered by current electricity from batteries and transformers. We will peek inside some of the toys to figure out how they work. Hint: Their motors will have magnets! There will be lots of magnetic construction materials to build with, plus magnets to explore the art-room sandbox—see what sticks to magnets, and what does not.

Recurring Events

The following events run weekly in February, and are included with general admission to the museum. Membership to Wonder Works gives you unlimited visits and unlimited access to all of these great activities.

Beginner's Art Studio (Drop In): Mon & Wed-Sat 10:30am to 4:30pm, Sun 12:30pm to 4:30pm
Art has never been so much fun. Children and adults explore their creative sides in this fully engaging, open-ended art experience. Materials change daily, trained facilitators assist with the artistic process and children create masterpieces. There is simply no better art experience in Oak Park. Learn about North Avenue Art Works.

Paint Covered Wednesdays: Wed 10:30am to 4:30pm
Paint Covered Wednesdays provide children the artistic opportunity of a lifetime. Children use a large variety of paints, methods and canvases as they learn to tell their stories, to create new things and expand their understanding of the world around them. Painting helps children by enhancing problem solving skills, improving fine motor skills, boosting self-esteem and gives a positive outlet for expression. Learn about North Avenue Art Works.

Story Time: Mondays at 11am
Discover the world of make believe by immersing yourself in new worlds and new adventures. Story telling is an art form older than writing and still engages children and adults in a way only stories can.

Music, Movement and Mindfulness with Ms. Carol: Wed, February 3 and 17 at 11am
Experience the majesty of music and movement intertwined with mindfulness with this hands-on multi-disciplinary experience guided by Ms. Carol Swann. Children develop and improve their music ability, motor coordination and social skills through music, creative play and storytelling. Click here to find out more about Ms Carol.