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What people are discovering at Wonder Works:

"As a developmentally disabled employee of Wonder Works, families take inspiration from my independence. The museum helps those with special needs develop skills that will stay with them throughout their lives." - Emily

"As a psychologist, I find Wonder Works to be an ideal resource for young families. Both parent and child learn proper parent/child and social interaction skills at the museum, which makes my job easier." - Erika

"Joey's autism is not a problem at Wonder Works, where he learns important educational and social skills without being singled out for being different." - Joey's mom

"As a daycare owner, bringing my kids to Wonder Works puts a smile on their faces and allows parents to feel good that their children are in a safe, interactive environment." - Debra

"Wonder Works is a great place to come with my four boys. It is the perfect size, big enough for them to run around and play without getting in each other's way, yet small enough so I can easily keep track of all four without having to hover over them." - Rebecca

"I love having my kids' parties at Wonder Works! The staff is extremely helpful and makes throwing a party easy. All I have to do is bring the cake and invite the guests. Everything else just magically falls into place. The space is big enough for everyone to find something engaging to do, but cozy enough where I actually get to interact with all of our guests. The kids always have a great time and I get to relax and enjoy the festivities. We love looking back at all the pictures we take, including some great ones of kids playing in the treehouse and 'performing' on the stage." - Celia

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